Proven Hydration for Sport & Industry

Aqualyte is a low sugar, HYPOTONIC fluid and electrolyte replacement. It is rapidly absorbed to prevent the undesirable effects of dehydration on health and performance.

HYPOTONIC solutions have a low solute concentration that promotes faster absorption than Isotonic drinks or plain water.

The scientifically based electrolyte concentrations make Aqualyte a High Performance Hydration solution for the prevention of dehydration.

10 Sachet Sample Pack

$1.50 per drink. 


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The easiest way to tell if you are hydrated for work, sport or in general life is by the colour and quantity of your pee. If it is light in colour and there is lots of it, you are hydrated. If it is dark and there is not much, you are dehydrated. ... See MoreSee Less

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Working in the Heat: Did you know the average worker can lose 500-600ml/hour of fluid through sweating. In a 10 hour shift this means they need to drink 5-6 Litres of fluid to prevent dehydration. What is your hydration strategy this summer? ... See MoreSee Less

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